With thanks

We would like to thank the Sing Up Initiative, Jane Capon and the Choir Schools Association. The Dean, Acting Dean and Director of Music at King’s College, Cambridge have given us wholehearted support, particularly in allowing us to use King’s College Chapel for free. Frankie Williams (County Inspector, Music & Culture) has given her total commitment from the beginning of the project, and Nick Robinson, Headmaster of King’s College School, has provided a wonderful venue for King’s Junior Voices to meet in during term-time.

We would also like to thank Andrew Goldman for his commitment and enthusiasm in accompanying the choir with the piano in the last few years. He has moved to pastures new and is missed by all. Thank you, Andrew.

We are extremely grateful to all of our donors including:
Girton Town Charity
David Willcocks Music Trust
Dr N. Chancellor
Drs R & V Curwen
Dr O. Edwards
Mr. A Wheelwright
King’s College
King’s College School
Trinity Hall
Clare Hall
Wolfson College
The Mercers’ Company
John Lewis
Cambridgeshire Music Hub
Arts Council England

And last, but not least, thank you to all our children and their supportive and generous parents who have assisted with donations and volunteer work, without which we would be unable to operate.